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Thanks for stopping by!

I am a UX/UI designer who enjoys solving problems using human-centred approaches that connect to real business goals. Originally from Japan, being a Londoner for the past 15 years.

Adding to my UX/UI design skill sets, I have diverse backgrounds: +10 years of professional experience in fashion sales/branding, psychology and marketing degrees.

My aesthetic influence came from Japanese comics and sub-culture/arts, fashion. I used to be a geeky introvert kid fascinated with the human mind/user phycology. After all, my interest hasn't changed much since I was a kid. My professional and relocation adventures taught me blessing life experiences: being open and flexible also having a goal.

Lately, I started illustration again and now building my portfolio with it. The UX/UI field connects to my passions - My goal is to create products that can change someone's life for the better and be joyful!
I am ready to tackle new challenges.

Drop me a line - I'd love to hear from you!

💪 Skills:

UX/UI Design | User Research | User Personas | User Flows | Information Architecture | Wire-framing & Prototyping | Usability Testing | Responsive Design | HTML5/CSS3 | Branding | Marketing

🪄 Tools:

Figma | Adobe XD | Sketch | Balsamiq | UX pin | Miro | Visual studio code

👀 Personal Interests:

Accessibility | Inclusivity | Universal design | Sustainability | Interaction design | AR & VR Tech | Women's health

🔥 Obsessions:

Design | Fashion | Illustration | Manga comic | Food | Yoga | Cat